Short Sale Specialist

When we say someone is a specialist in their field, we actually mean that he is a person devoted to one occupation or branch of learning. When it comes to real estate, if a short sale specialist really wants to be the very best in his branch, he has to learn how to deal with unique complexities and nuances of every a specific field. Whether one decides to become a buyer’s or a REO agent, or vacation home and relocation agent, he has to devote majority of his time to that discipline. Realtors, just any other real estate professional have to work hard to earn their title. When looking for a reliable expert who will close a short sale with ease, look for the following qualities.

Accreditation and Experience

The person you hire must be certified and have a proper accreditation. You may meet a young and designated person who promises you success, but the fact is that only an experienced individual has the right short sale negotiation skills to get the job done properly. If you are about to face foreclosure, you mustn’t risk and hire someone who will potentially ruin your life financially. Apart from having the right certificates and license, you also need to look for someone who has a lot of practical experience in the field. The lessons taught in the classroom do not always translate to real life, and with that being said, a real estate agent cannot be considered a specialist if he hasn’t closed any sale yet.


Experience is equally or even more important than titles because it represents a paramount for defining what makes an agent a specialist. For short sales, an agent should have at least thirty successful short sale transactions. Also, he should be closing at least one transaction a month. If you locate this kind of expert, you can be at peace knowing that he has dealt with enough situations to know how to deal with second mortgage companies, HOA companies, lien holders, unpaid subcontractors and so on. Before a sale is completed, anyone who has an interest in your home must be dealt with in a timely and proper manner.

Client Reviews

Lastly, before hiring someone, you should look for referrals, testimonials and reviews. You can find out more information on experiences from past clients by visiting the website of your short sale realtor. There, you can also read the reviews or look for some testimonials. Do not hire someone without personally talking to him. During this short interview, ask your agent how he manages his short sale listings, and does he have a transaction coordinator.  If he handles everything alone, the process may easily break down. When looking for a specialist, you should always focus on one thing. You are not looking for someone who can simply get an approval letter from a bank. You are looking for someone who can secure you a full release from any further financial obligations from all involved parties. The ultimate goal of your real estate agent is to secure you a peace of mind.